• Robyn Moore

The Lock Down Fear

The days are slowly merging into one and the to-do-list of odd jobs is pretty much ticked off, but one thing I know is that this lock down time is keeping my family, friends, clients and myself safe from Covid19 and in time helping to save a lot of lives.

I have been used to long periods of recovery time from many operations for my Ulcerative Colitis disease which has resulted in me staying home for six weeks at a time and from that experience, I know how easy it is to begin to fear the outside world and how quickly anxiety kicks in.

I fear that anxiety will effect us all so I wanted to share my tips that I try to follow during my recovery time to keep my anxiety at bay.


Speaking to your friends & family, sharing social media posts and saying 'hi' to people passing you on your 'exercise time' is so important.

Try to avoid talking about Covid19 and negative things too much and remind yourself of good times, future plans and the present, with your friends and family.

We all have friends we can't talk to all the time due to work and life so use this time to pick up the phone and call them.


I actually have a playlist on my Apple Music named 'Recovery' and it has songs that make me feel relaxed, happy and just at peace during my recovery time.

My go-to albums are by Flume, Moby, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and Drake - yes random! But Random is the best.

Feeling down - put some tunes on.


The one exercise a day is vital. Why do you think they still allow it? Because it clears your head and feeds your senses. The moment you start skipping them is the moment you are starting a downward spiral of anxiety.


My escape is the bath or a shower - take time out to put a hair or face mask on. Go paint your nails or organise your clothes. Why? It's taking your thoughts somewhere else - a mindfulness technique which lowers anxiety.


You know those eye-catching news titles that want you to click on to it to generate traffic to their newspaper online? Well stop reading the head line then sharing or commenting on it. Read the full story because you will realise it's never as bad as those click-bait titles express. It's a trap to catch your eye.


Stop scrolling through social media over and over again... It makes you feel insecure, and anxious. Just limit it and check your social media twice a day.

Avoid posting content when you are upset or angry. Sometimes I write a status then before posting it I delete it. This is important because the feeling will go but having people comment on your angry status just drags it on and upsets others.


Look around your home, at the people or pets you are with and thank your blessings for them. I know what it's like to loose family members - trust me when they have gone you will never get the chance to tell them you love them or just hug them...Time is more precious than you'll ever know.

Yes Lock Down is s*** but we are keeping safe from an invisible, deadly enemy. It will soon be over and we will be discussing it like it never happened.

P.S PLEASE don't touch your hair with a box colour because it never works, it damages your hair and you will end up paying a lot more for colour correction.

By Robyn Moore

Owner | Hairdresser | Makeup Artist at The Hair Gallery.

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